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Sardine Scene Breakdown - VR Modelling & C4D - Pwinsher Challenge

A creative and technical breakdown of my sardine themed entry into Pwnisher aka Clint Jones latest render challenge, Moving Meditations.

Making REAL Holograms with Cinema 4D and The Looking Glass Portrait

I document a way to render holograms for the looking glass holographic display in Cinema 4D on my YouTube channel.

3D For 2D Animation: Getting Started in Cinema 4D

Calling 2D animators! I made a Skillshare class to teach adding a bit’o 3D to 2D animation! If you’re totally new to Cinema 4D this is for you.

Modelling In Cinema 4D: Building a Character and a Simple Scene

Hellooo, my new class just came out! ⛵ ‘Modelling In Cinema 4D: Creating Your First 3D Scene’ This time I dig a bit deeper into 3D modelling in Cinema 4D. Perfect for those wanting to boost their modelling skills, also a great next step for those excellent people out there who did my first class ‘Getting Started in Cinema 4D’

Animation Fundamentals: How to Rig Your First Character in Cinema 4D

My new class on Character Rigging just launched on Skillshare!! This is the first in a two part class. In this one we focus on a full character, arms, legs, the whole shabang. Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 where we’ll be building a bike for the character ride! I’ve also just launched a new YouTube channel for posting extra free bits and bobs so keep tabs on me over there if you’re interested!

  • Was great to be part of the Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show and talk about my working process, and do a little rigging tutorial too.

  • Had a great time speaking over at Brighton University as part of BFI Network recently, nice to meet some animation students and some of the wider animation community here in the South East.

  • Amazing to see my MTV ident featured on Motionographer and also Good Moves woop woop!

  • Very excited to have been awarded funding for my short film ARMSTRONG from BFI Network, follow me on my social channels for updates!

  • Was great to be interviewed for the rich creative industry resource that is Lecture in Progress, I talk generally about my career and my creative process, keep an eye out for my last minute seamlessly photoshopped sock.
  • Had an absolute blast visiting the Spitfire headquaters to talk Olympops creative process and how we made the sound with the effervescent Mutant Jukebox.
  • Super excited Olympops got a shout out on Motionographer!
  • Was chuffed to have a little section  of .net Magazine dedicated to how I approach gif creation using Olympops as a case study.

I'm Russ Etheridge, a UK based award winning Freelance Animation Director and Designer with a wide range of animation skills, including 2D & 3D character animation and motion graphics. I have 10+ years of experience in the motion industry, creating numerous high profile and award-winning campaigns.


Most recently I've been producing my own client work for a range of UK and international clients. As well as freelancing for some top tier creative studios such as Strange Beast, Moth, Brikk, Animade and Future Deluxe.


Previously I was Senior Creative at Animade where I worked as a Director, Designer and Team Lead to produce fresh and innovative animation for TV and online. I worked closely with their regular clients including Facebook, IBM and Virgin America.


I have also worked in senior and lead motion design roles in many London studios such as MPC, The Mill and Nexus.


If you'd like to get in touch about a project I can help with or just to chew the fat, I'd love to hear from you. See below for my contact details!


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